South Africa
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Last man standing …

Today morning Rova left as well and now it’s only me left. Guys, I can tell you its really weird alone in this big house where always has been some noise and action around. For not getting kind of depressed, I decided to lie down for a few hours and catch up some sleep.

After waking up, the car had to be brought back and I finally had to start packing and doing my laundry. A combination of the way things are down here and my perfect bad luck, it just started raining the moment i wanted to dry my laundry. Damn it. Result: from 4pm to 10pm I sat in front of a heater and put piece after piece on that heater. BORING! Ok … I know I could have started days earlier, but somehow … packing things just sucks.

Later that evening, I went to the cinema for „Casino Royal“ with Butch and some other guys from Annie’s Cove. Actually it’s a quiet nice movie. It’s different from the last ones and even Daniel Craig is not doing too bad. So … I can honestly recommand that movie. Back home i continiued packing and drying and finally went to bed around 5:00. A long night …

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