in South Africa

Last man standing …

Today morning Rova left as well and now it’s only me left. Guys, I can tell you its really weird alone in this big house where always has been some noise and action around. For not getting kind of depressed, I decided to lie down for a few hours and catch up some sleep.

After waking up, the car had to be brought back and I finally had to start packing and doing my laundry. A combination of the way things are down here and my perfect bad luck, it just started raining the moment i wanted to dry my laundry. Damn it. Result: from 4pm to 10pm I sat in front of a heater and put piece after piece on that heater. BORING! Ok … I know I could have started days earlier, but somehow … packing things just sucks.

Later that evening, I went to the cinema for „Casino Royal“ with Butch and some other guys from Annie’s Cove. Actually it’s a quiet nice movie. It’s different from the last ones and even Daniel Craig is not doing too bad. So … I can honestly recommand that movie. Back home i continiued packing and drying and finally went to bed around 5:00. A long night …

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  1. Wow, das waren aber sehr viele Beiträge in sehr kurzer Zeit. Ich bin begeistert.

    I kind of know how it feels. I was not the last one in our house but the second last. So i know that it really sucks when everybody leaves.

    How are your plans from now on. Doing anymore nice traveling. Have fun my friend and hope to hear from you.


  2. Hi Lutz,

    yep,somehow my blog felt kind of neglected. So I decided to give it some attention. 😉
    I really wanna try to stay in contact with these guys. I’ve already added some more countries to my „to-visit-list“ including Madagascar and Kenya.
    I’m at Cape Town at the moment. Yesterday we went for Table Mountain. Man … that walk down is really cool (and exhausting). The view on CT is just amazing. Family is stayin here for a few days. Then I’m flying home the 19th Dec.



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