Current challange

Verwendet die zehn Ziffern 0 bis 9 in drei arithmetische Gleichungen. Dabei müssen drei der vier Operationen Addition, Subtraktion, Multiplikation und Division verwendet werden. Jede Ziffer und jedes Rechenzeichen dürfen nur einmal genutzt werden.


Die aktuelle Punkteverteilung sieht derzeit wie folgt aus: (Stand 13.10.2009)

Rank Name Points
1 Kay 85
2 dfi 41
3 Christian 25
4 Nils K. 15
5 Ilka 6
6 Thomas 5
6 Patrick 5
6 roadrunnerhh 5
9 Lutz 1
7 tbd 0
7 tbd tbd
8 tbd tbd
9 tbd tbd
10 tbd tbd

First right solution: 10 points, any following right solution: 5 point


Starting the now I’m going to post one riddle each every second week. Every Monday or Tuesday there will be a riddle. The solution will be posted on Friday. Some basic rules …

  • Solutions are to be posted within the comments
  • Questions concerning the riddle can be posted and will be answered in the comment section
  • If the riddle is not solved the first day I’ll post a hint. If it is not solved the second day, I’ll post another hint … and so on
  • First one to solve the riddle gets ten points
  • Every other right solution gets five points
  • The current riddle will always be clearly visible on the homepage
  • There will be a blog page „Riddle“ with the current leader
  • The player with most points by the end of the year will get a nice personal present

Riddle Archive

For old riddles check out the tag „Riddle“.