South Africa
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WM 2010 … count me in!

Bingo, I have tickets for FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Afrika! I’ll watch the three preliminary games of the German team live in june 2010. Really, really excited about it.

Last week I got notice that the application for tickets was successful. Knowing this you gonna see the drawing of the groups from a whole new perspective. What is most important is the group Germany is in. Depending on the group you will know what city you’ll visit.

So last Friday I went home early to see the drawing of the groups live in television. My first choice was group C: Cape Town, PE and Rustenburg. Second came Group D: Durban, PE and Johannesburg. And group D it is! The the route for the trip is clear. Flying to Johannesburg, picking up a car, driving to Durban, driving along the ocean to PE and the going up again to Johannesburg. What a road trip.

The opponents Australia, Serbia and Ghana are fine with me. I’m specially looking forward to Ghana.

Sumed up: It’ll be a cool trip …

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