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Where have all the readers gone?

Pretty interesting … last day I had a closer look on the blog statistics at statcounter. I integrated statcounter last year august to track traffic and visits on my blog … just for interest sake.

By having a look at the unique visitors per month, I somehow had the feeling that there was a kind of trend.

Ok, there hv clearly been some fall in unique visitors from November onwards til February. How come?

Main reason might be I’m back in Germany. As most of you know I’ve been in South Africa for half a year. People seemed to be interested what happend there and yes … it was pretty interesting. I’ve done and seen lot of things you just can’t do/see in Germany. Back here things went back to normal. No more bungee, no more diving in Indian Ocean, no more elephants and wild animals … just working and writing my thesis. I admit that post about my thesis and related things might not seem as interesting as South Afirca to you but still I’m trying to write some interesting stuff about me, my leisure time, my work and other funny and interesting things – at least about those that can be published in the internet. 😉

So … it’s worth hving a look from time to time. 🙂

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