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Riddle contest …

Since starting this blog few years ago, I’ve posted five riddles here. These were by far the posts with most comments. Ergo: you guys seem to like riddles. Time for me to react …

Starting next week I’m going to post one riddle each week. Every Monday or Tuesday there will be a riddle. The solution will be posted on Friday.

Here are the rules:

  • Solutions are to be posted within the comments
  • Questions concerning the riddle can be posted and will be answered in the comment section
  • If the riddle is not solved the first day I’ll post a hint. If it is not solved the second day, I’ll post another hint … and so on
  • First one to solve the riddle gets three points
  • Every other right solution gets one point
  • The current riddle will always be clearly visible on the homepage
  • There will be a blog page „Riddle“ with the current leader
  • The player with most points by the end of the year will get a nice personal present

Any questions? Then … let the games begin!

Update, 22.06.2008: Does anyone who has interest in participating NOT speak German? If so, please post in comments or contact me.

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