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Hamburg – Europe's least congested city

Yesses, always knew it: London sucks big time when it comes to driving in town. Forbes Magazin did a ranking on the average speed you can go by car in european cities. Worst three: London (19 km/h) followed by Berlin (19 km/h) and Warschau (21 km/h).

Hamburg took last place … and hereby is officially pronounced „Europe’s fastest city“: average speed is 84 km/h. Quiet impressive!

Hamburg, Germany’s coastal city, ranks last, making it one of the fastest and least-congested cities in Europe, with an average driving speed of 52.3 miles per hour. Hamburg residents can thank an efficient transportation system, where buses and trains coordinate their timetables in order to provide a smooth commute, thereby coaxing people out of their cars. It’s also got more incoming freeways than other European cities, which eases congestion.

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