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Safari 4 sucks so far … [Update: problems solved]

Safari has been the default browser on my mac mini for the last two years. Today I auto-updated Safari 3 to Safari 4 after I’ve read some amazing things about it like 11 million downloads in 3 days or fastest browser ever.

Even though these points may be true, I have to say after some testing: Safari 4 sucks! It crashes all the time and about 50% of the site I tried did not load correctly. My blog? Fail! Brands4Friends? Fail! Youtube? Fail! It’s impossible to browse the web using Safari. WTF?

At first I tought its only me experiencing theses problems but acutally many others are having problems too. Guys at Apple, sit down and do your homework so that I can use Safari again …

[Update: My problems were caused by SafariStand plugin. After removing the plugin everything seems to work fine.]

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