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The Riddle of Pick n' Pay

Guys, listen … i need your help. Magnus has posted quiet an interesting riddle here in the comments:

what do u find at picnpay, by the thing u pay and its square and cold with a door to open.. what is the name of that cold [metal] thing u find inside that cold, square thing with a door..?

As an explanation: Pick ’n Pay is the South African Aldi. Please feel free to take a guess what i tried to explain. 🙂

  1. Hi Dennis

    I don’t think anyone here knows the answer to that 😉

    But I make a guess, how about „baking tray“. The square thing is a portable oven (although it is not cold) but the only thing i can think of now.

    Till then

  2. Katha

    not a bad idea!! I know the answer, but because they told me 🙁 there is something fluid .. liquid .. inside .. mysterious

  3. So I have to keep thinking. Maybe I will do it later 😉

    Till then

  4. dennis

    Ok … here some hints:

    „by the thing u pay“ – cash desk
    „its square and cold with a door to open“ – fridge


  5. Magnus

    no one get this.. no wonder u had to explain 3 people for 5 minutes before we got it… nice work D!!!!! hehe..
    Schmella på’ræ!!!

  6. I think it is a beverage but I don’t know which.

    Can you tell me if I am close?


  7. dennis

    Yep, you are very close. Its more about the form of the beverage. Actually … i would accept this answer.

    See … you hvn’t been there and still understand what i’m talking about. Means … my explanation couldn’t hv been too bad. Thx Lutz 😉

  8. I hv been ther but not recently. So lets say I hv been there. Just to say that I hv.

    I don’t know what you hv, but I hv a free weekend with Anika now and we want to hv good weather like you hv.

    I don’t know if you see that I hv used „hv“ a lot. I don’t know what it means but I want to hv it.

    Greeting from hv good old germany
    hv Lutz

  9. Just to let you know that I hv written the last comment.

    Till then

  10. dennis

    Somehow I hv the strong feeling, that u hv a serious problem with the word „hv“ even if I don’t know why u hv a problem with this nice word „hv“ because u are the only only I know that hv ever had a problem with the word „hv“.

    But i think I hv the responsibility to hv u cured from your „hv problem“. I’m sure we hv this hv thing out of the world in no time.

    Hv a nice weekend and don’t think too much about what could hv happend if u hv never met the word hv and the „hv problem“.

    Cheers, Dennis

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