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My South Africa Trip (1): Atlantic Coast

So … back near Cape Town again. At the moment I’m at a nice backpacker in Stellenbosch. Nice city, nice vinelands. But let’s start at the beginning five days ago.

Monday night Peter left for Germany and I stayed at the Carnival Court in Long Street, CT. Btw … for those who don’t know: Long Street is the Reeperbahn of CT. Meaning … that evening, I had to go to a nice pub with some of some people I was sharing a room. Cool evening with interesting people.

Early the next morning I got up and picked up my car: a nice Fiat Palio. No … at that time I was not drunk anymore. 😉 So, I left Cape Town heading north along the Atlantic Coast. Man … it’s quit interesting leaving the tourist path. The highlight of that day was the West Coast National Park. It is one of the most interesting National Parks I’ve seen so far. I mean … it’s different from Addo and that kind of parks. No wild animals, but the nature is just awesome. In the park I spotted a nice lagune with the clearest water I’ve seen so far. And … that is different to the rest of the Atlantic Coast … is was warm. I could resist of going for a swim and lying down at the beach. Ok … I burned my skin a little bit, but that’s ok. It was worth it. 🙂

The night I spend at a beach camp in Paternosta. For supper there was a nice crayfish menu. I spend the night in a tent 10m from the beach. Btw: Katha, if u are reading this: I bet a french guy in pool … two times. 😉

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