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Two days left …

Finally, I’m back in Cape Town. Early today morning I left Stellenbosch heading back to CT. Why so early? Unfortunately, I had to return my car at 9:30 this morning. The problem: yesterday I’ve done this nice wine tour … jep, i know everthing about wine, I’ve tasted every wine and yes, I was a little bit tipsy. Later that evening we went clubbing with some nice people from the backpackers. That was really fun and a nice alternative to PE and „Tappas“, one of the two clubs.

So, I left short after 8, came back 15min later to pick up my book that I forgot and then, finally around 9 I arrived here in CT. Before I could return the car, I had the strong wish of removing some of the dust, that was everywhere in the car. Damn it. So I went for a garage where I cleaned the car for about 20min.

After I returned the car and dropped my luggage at the backpackers I went for Greenpoint market -a huge fleemarket, where u can get nearly everything. After 2 hours of „shopping“ I was tired and went home. Finally … sleeping.

Actually thats it so far and I’m too lazy to write more. So … cheers and til then.

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