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Blogging: English vs. German

As some of you may have realized from time to time I’m writing in English. That is why?

I started writing parts of this blog in English when I was in South Africa. After a while some of my housemates complained abound me writing articles only in German. They would like to read the crap I was writing. Because I’m a nice guy I agreed. After a while I realized that writing in English isn’t that much more difficult. Honestly … sometimes it’s easier. Don’t get me wrong … my English is not perfect and I still hate writing long assignments about some specific topic in that language, but writing here … it’s kind of fun. Nobody cares if there is some writing mistake or the grammar is not 100% perfect. I even need less time writing posts because I don’t hv to think of how to express myself. When I’m writing in German I often think minutes and minutes about how to write that particular sentence best. In English I just write down what I’m thinking without putting too much effort in phrasing. I guess I like it more that way.

Beside the facts mentioned above I talked to Wandi some days ago and she ask me to write some stuff in english again. And thats what I’m doing from now on. Most of my post will still be in German but from time to time I’ll switch to English. Hope you guys don’t mind.

Cheers, Dennis

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