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Guess who's back …

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls … the man in black are back to protect the world. Or … at least something like that.;)

As you may hv seen, this blog has been dead for a looooooong time. Actually, it has nearly been two month since I last wrote something. Let’s just say I was quite busy that time. Yeah, I know … statements like these are normally excuses for being too lazy to write some crap, bt within the last month I was glad to get away from the computer whenever possible. Writing a freakin thesis is definitly no fun and I’m glad this chapter is done.

Right … just in case I hvn’t mentioned: I’m done with my thesis and it just feels great! Jippie! I’m a free man again. And because I’m a free man again and I worked so hard, I though I deserved some vacation. And is there a better place for vacation than Barcelona under the spanish sun? Maybe, I dn’t know … bt is was a great time and I had a lot of fun. Thx, Jessi! More details and pictures following later.

Ok, so much for that right now. Just wanted to say: this blog is back online. I’ll bring you up-to-date within the next week.

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  1. Wieso? Ich nix wissen wovon du sprechen! Bt & Hv sind normale und gängige Schreibweisen in diesem Blog und haben ein Existenzrecht wie die tibetanische Kampfmücke in Honululu im Frühjahr.


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