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It's been a long time …

… since I last wrote here. To be more specific it has been more than 1.5 month. Not posting for that long can normally be considered a death sentence for a blog! Lets try to rise from the dead …

First of all: I’m still alive and kicking! In March I finished my studies in Wedel. Was quiet stressful in the end … bt i did well in my final exam and my thesis. From now on u guys hv to call me. „Dipl. Wirtschaftsinformatiker Kallerhoff“. „Your majesty“ or „Your highness“ will also do it … 😉

I continued working at OTTO as a working student and sent out few applications in March and April. Got some feedback and hopefully will sign a contract next week. What company??? Wait for next post …

PS: Somehow I hv to win readers again, so I can’t tell all the cool stuff in the beginning …  😉

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