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Just my 2 pence … or 100 words!

Jakob Nielson, web usability guru, wrote about a recent research study on web reading. Result: people don’t read long posts completely! On average, users will read about 20% of the text on an average page. On pages with 111 words or less users will at least read half the information.

Meaning what? Meaning that I’m going to write only posts containing less than 100 words. I was thinking long time about some kind of stringent concept for this blog … and now I found it: say it in less than 100 words! If there are articles and opinions that can’t be expressed in 100 words, I’ll start a series on that topic.

For me: less writing for a single blog post and more frequent posts
For you: less reading, more reading … think about it 😉

What do you think about it?

[via Read/WriteWeb]

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