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Well, I admit it has been a while since I last wrote here. I won’t even start explaining why I haven’t written any post for so long … there is no reason. Just been lazy blogwise. But this might be a good ocasion starting writing again.

Last weekend Katha and Magnus, some of my housemates from South Africa, hv been here in Hamburg for a visit. Magnus arrived here by plane on friday afternoon from Olso. Later that day Katha arrived here by train and we pick her up at the train station. We had a nice chilling evening, didn’t go to bed too late and got up early (not too early, bt still early compared to the time I usually get up saturday mornings) next day.

After having a nice breakfast we did some kind pseudo-tourist program in Hamburg city. Starting of with some Glühwein at the chrismas market in front of the city hall. Continuing by browsing through some stores at the Mönkebergstraße, inner city and so on. After we got bored we decided to go for the harbour. There we just took the ferry to Finkenwerder to took some coffee and ice at a nice café. Going by boat was really fun … very nice sundowner. Because we still had some time before soccer started (I had to show the norwegian dude how that game is really played by letting him watch some proper league) we went for the „Miniatur Wunderland“. Really great! Recommendation for everyone … even for people who are not into that stuff! So many details to watch … u like u could spend hours there.

However, we went home, ate and relaxed before starting the main point of that day: Reeperbahn! We went there around 23:00 and met up with Lutz at Hamburger Dom. Randomly we passed some tin throwing game on the fair and I decided to take my chances. Unfortunately, I really won some big cuddly toy -a pig- which we (meaning Katha after I gave it to her as a present) had to carry around the whole eve. But Magnus, Lutz and me being gentleman we won some bag at basketball for her, so that it was more comfortable carrying around. After that we went on to the Reeperbahn where we met some working collegues of mine by coincidence. They joined us and we started a looooong night on the Kiez. No more details on that!

By staying out late, next day was defined by … getting up the afternoon and recovering from the day before. Just having a nice time at my place. Katha left that eve back for Berlin. Magnus slept over and catched his flight back to Oslo this morning.

Long story short: has been really nice seeing these guys again. I honestly enjoyed it. The end …

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